New Law Would Control Items On Street

The Britton City Council approved the first reading of an amendment governing objects on city streets at its regular meeting on Monday.

Current law dictates that licensed vehicles may be left in the same location on city streets for five days, but the ordinance does not cover other objects. The amendment stipulates that no person shall be permitted to leave any wagon, automobile, cart, truck, trailer, camper, machine, construction equipment, rubbish container, or building material including dirt, rock, or gravel on any street, road, alley, sidewalk, or public ground in the city.

The exception would be during an active project. The public works supervisor would be authorized to provide a written permit to any person to store construction or maintenance equipment, trailers, rubbish containers, or building materials including dirt, rock, or gravel on a public street during active construction or maintenance on a project for a period not to exceed three consecutive months. However, items may never obstruct the free use of a public street or interfere with storm water drainage.

The second reading of the amendment will be held at the March 9 meeting.

In other action Snapper Strong talked to the council about options he had to shore up the awning on his Main Street business. He has concerns about the stability of the awning and wished to put up poles to support it. However, city law does not allow putting those poles on the sidewalk, which is city property. No action was taken.

Marshall County Emergency Management Director Todd Landmark met with the council to discuss procedures that are in place in the event of an emergency. Landmark said some questions were raised during a recent mock disaster drill. He also talked about new FEMA requirements.

Britton Area Event Center Coordinator Laken Atkinson talked to the board about cameras that have been installed in the Event Center to help monitor activities both during and after business hours.

During the public comment portion of the meeting Josh Kraft met with the council to let it know that he was open to working with the city in any future projects that would affect land he owns just outside the city limits north of Britton. His long-term goal is to develop that area for housing.

he council approved letting bids for the storm sewer project. Engineer estimates say the project will run around $800,000 and is expected to be done this summer.

Council members heard an update on street light improvements. Otter Tail Power Company will be upgrading all company-owned street and area light fixtures in the city to light-emitting diode (LED) technology. The new lights will use about 70 percent less energy and last four to five times longer. LED’s also provide increased illumination and more unifoirm and even lighting distribution on roadways and surfaces.

A quote from Carlson Crushing & Excavating was approved for removal of the Kann house and concrete from the lot just south of the Britton Area Event Center for $5,600 plus tax. Plans are to use the lot for Event Center parking.

City contributions for the year were approved. They included Britton Swim Team, $1,300; Marshall County Prayer Rock Museum, $2,500; Britton Country Club, $5,000; Glacial Lakes Area Development (GLAD), $51,200; Ambulance, $5,000; Senior Nutrition, $500; Ball Program, $4,000; Food Pantry/ School Giveaway, $1,000; Backpack Program, $2,000; Shrine Circus, $50.

A special alcoholic beverage license was approved for the Northern Lights Inn for the Britton Area Chamber of Commerce annual banquet at the Britton Area Event Center on Friday, Feb. 21. Approval was given for Eide Baily to perform the 2019 city audit. The board approved a resolution appointing the mayor and council president as the applicant agents for a proposed project to purchase four lift station generators as part of the Mitigation Plan.

A change order was approved for the water project that included adding a fourinch meter to the baseball/ softball complex and adjustment of quantities, resulting in a decrease of $445,054.10 on the project. However, the city will lose grant money from Rural Development equal to the decrease.

The board approved the Limited English Proficiency Plan through Rural Development that must be renewed every three years to receive grant and loan money.

Discussion topics that will be acted upon at the March meeting included development of a purchasing policy and requisition form for the Event Center, and annual policies including personnel, snow removal, fiscal policy, and loss control.

The council approved advertising for a swimming pool manager. It also approved a pay request for J&J Earthworks of $129,473.65, minus $91,000 in penalties, for a total of $38,473,65.

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