Former Resident Gives $1.3 Million

Former local teacher and South Dakota Representative Donald Naddy’s estate has gifted $1.3 million to the Marshall County area.

Almost $1.1 million of his estate will be under the direction of the Britton Area Foundation Board of Directors to provide financial support to charitable and nonprofit purposes in the Marshall County area. A portion of the fund will be made available to the local board to distribute annually.

An additional $250,000 from the Naddy estate will immediately provide for construction of the Britton Community Center and a $20,000 endowment fund will be established under the direction of the Britton Area Foundation to provide for maintenance of the Marshall County Community Building’s kitchen going forward.

Naddy grew up on his family’s farm near Britton. He was a teacher and served as a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives from 1959 to 1966. He also served on the Marshall County Commission. Later in his life, he moved to Port Angeles, WA, to join his sister, Eleanor, who lived there. Naddy passed away in Port Angeles in February of this year.

Recently, Naddy’s executor and close friend from Port Angeles, Gary Gleason, visited the Britton Area Foundation board to share Naddy’s passions and his recommendations on how Mr. Naddy’s gift could be used in the community.

“Don felt strongly about supporting efforts in vocational and health care education, land conservation, veterans programs and special equipment needs for fire fighters or law enforcement,” said Gleason. “He cared about helping people and supporting projects to make them better.”

Since the Britton Area Foundation was established in 1994, $678,000 has been given back to nonprofit projects and programs in the Britton area. A daycare facility, scholarships for college students, a local summer recreation program, the local baseball and softball program and fire department are among the many community beneficiaries. The Foundation’s impact will expand with the addition of the Naddy fund.

“The things that were Don’s passion will have funds to expand and flourish in Marshall County because of his philanthropy,” said Patty Roehr, Britton Area Foundation board member. “Instead of having to find funds each time a worthwhile project comes up, we have funds to take care of things on a regular basis.

“Giving to the Britton Area Foundation is a way to ensure the things you care about in your community are able to continue,” says Roehr. “Having critical services, arts and recreation are just as important for the survival of our small towns as the industry and jobs. Folks will not move here if we have nothing but work to offer.” To learn more or donate to the Britton Area Foundation, visit

Since 1987, the South Dakota Community Foundation has helped people reach their philanthropic goals and strengthened communities across the state. The SDCF administers approximately $275 million in total assets for over 800 funds. By commingling endowed assets, the SDCF gives its partners enhanced investment opportunities that provide long-term support to charitable causes.

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