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ZZ-3, a ZZ Top tribute band, will be the featured act at the Britton Area Event Center on Saturday. Advance tickets may be purchased at the Britton Area Event Center or online, and tickets will be available at the door.

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First Concert Set For Britton Area Event Center

When the Britton Area Event Center in Britton was still just an idea on paper, this Saturday’s ZZ-3 concert was part of what planners envisioned happening some day.

Eclipse, who has a strong local following, will be the opening act beginning at 8 p.m., followed by ZZ-3, a wellknown ZZ Top tribute band. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. Tickets may be purchased at or at the Britton Area Event Center. Doors open at 7 p.m.

“We’re excited to bring something new to the Britton area people,” said Britton Area Event Center Coordinator Laken Atkinson. “The Event Center opens up a lot of opportunities for Britton and the area.”

ZZ-3’s faithful re-creations of ZZ Top classics from every era of the band’s existence, convincing costumes, and spot-on stage shows set them apart from other tribute acts. The group is billed as the “baddest ZZ Top tribute band in the land.”

John Seiber and TJ Just, coowners of M2JK Entertainment in Sisseton, have been in the business of booking entertainment acts for about seven years, and with the construction of the Britton Area Event Center have high hopes for Britton as a concert venue.

“We keep a data base on everybody we have coming to shows, and we noticed a lot of people from Marshall County and just north into North Dakota,” said Just. “Then I talked to Brian Rabenberg one day and he asked if I had ever seen the Britton Area Event Center. I visited with Brian and Laken Atkinson and realized the potential, and their goals are similar to ours. We want to bring entertainment to different areas, and the Britton Area Event Center wants to bring entertainment to the Britton community.”

Just said the Britton community’s history of getting behind new initiatives was one reason the town appealed to them as a new concert venue.

“We want to go to communities that really get behind things that go on, and we know Britton has historically done that,” said Just. “There are so many positive things going on here. Our goal is to also attract people from outside the community to come and spend money and see what Britton has to offer, and everything just kind of meshed together for us. Britton is such an open-armed community. The people are wonderful.”

Saturday’s concert will also feature a Britton connection. Native Lynn Thayer will be the drummer for both Eclipse and ZZ-3.

“It’s going to be a busy night for Lynn, and he’s excited,” said Just.

Just is hoping that this weekend’s concert is just the beginning.

Coming on April 27 is Travis LeDoyt, called “The World’s Best Young Elvis,” who performs Elvis’ hits from the 50’s and 60’s. He has previously performed twice in Sisseton.

“What makes Travis different is that he will not use the word, “impersonator,” said Just. “When he walks into the facility before the show he’s Elvis right away, and he’s the same after the show. He has great interaction with the crowd and people are going to love him.”

Just has also fielded calls from some national acts that would be possibilities for Britton.

“We want to gauge ticket sales, experience the acoustics of the Event Center, and get the bugs worked out these first couple of shows,” noted Just. “Our hope is to put national acts in this area.

“Our biggest challenge is making sure we know our market and know what the market can bear as far as ticket prices. We would love to bring in big name acts, but we have to be able to balance the market and act and know how many people we can draw in. There will be some trial and error along the way, but we’ve had great support from Britton and Laken. We’re all learning together. Nobody really knows for sure how it will all work out until we try the first one.”

Coteau Entertainment has put on a number of shows at the Sisseton School District’s Performing Arts Center. Just said the Britton shows will not replace Sisseton events.

“Sisseton is just far enough away to draw from different markets. We could also host shows here that maybe wouldn’t fit the Sisseton market, or maybe they had been to Sisseton in the last year and we would bring them back to Britton.”

Just said that the construction of the Sisseton facility prompted he and Seiber to found their company. The duo also serve as marketing consultants under the name, M2JK Entertainment, providing help with marketing buys, video ads, and video streaming of events like high school sports.

Coteau Entertainment wants the word to spread that Britton is a great place to perform.

“We manage everything, and at the end of the show we want the acts to be able to say that the Britton Area Event Center was a great place to be because they were treated right,” stressed Just. “We would encourage the community to get involved, buy tickets, and comes see what it’s all about.”

On the flip side, Just said his company strives to bring in top-quality individuals.

“ZZ-3 is a wonderful band out of Sioux Falls and a class act. They are good people and wonderful guys, and that is the kind of people we want to bring to town.

“We’re really excited and very optimistic about how things will turn out. As soon as the ink was on the contract we were getting phone calls from people outside of the Britton area, and that’s exciting for me,” concluded Just. “We invest a lot of money to put something like this together, and that’s a little nervewracking. But at the same time it’s exciting – kind of like a little kid getting ready for Christmas.”

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