Fair Lunch Set For Farmers

S.D. Farmers Union will be busy celebrating South Dakota’s family farmers, ranchers and those who give back to their rural communities during the 2017 Farmers Union Day at the South Dakota State Fair, Sept. 2.

“The State Fair is the perfect place to celebrate the people who make up South Dakota agriculture and a great opportunity to visit with those who are not directly tied to farms and ranches,” said Doug Sombke, S.D. Farmers Union President and a fourth-generation Conde crop and cattle producer.

The Farmers Share Lunch provides one of the best opportunities for farmers, ranchers and the public to mix and mingle, said Terry Sestak, District 1 Farmers Union board member and fourth-generation Tabor farmer.

Held in the Farmers Union Tent directly across from the Freedom Stage, the Farmers Share Luncheon, gives fairgoers an opportunity to learn just how much of the grocery store price tag South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers take home after harvesting the crops or livestock they raise.

“There is a big difference between grocery store price tags and what farmers and ranchers receive for the crops and meat they raise,” Sestak says.

The lunch, which feeds more than 1,000 fair-goers each year, clearly illustrates this fact by selling a lunch that would typically cost $8, if it were purchased at a café, for only 30 cents - the amount South Dakota farmers and ranchers would receive for the ingredients. The lunch is a pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, potato chips and milk.

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