Council Has New Look

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Council Has New Look

Assessment Of Sale Barn Land

The Britton City Council has a new look after its regular meeting Monday night.

Councilman Ward Satterlee moved out of Ward 1, so he had to give up his board position. Mayor Clyde Fredrickson appointed Lindsey Kimber, who serves as the executive director of Glacial Lakes Area Development (GLAD), to fill that vacancy.

Long-term councilman Brian Freeman, who has served on the board since 2006, submitted his resignation from his Ward 2 position on Monday night, and Mayor Fredrickson appointed Satterlee, who has moved into Ward 2, to fill that spot.

When appointments are made, those council positions do come up for election in the next election cycle. Candidates must file petitions for the two-year terms prior to the election in June.

In other action Kimber gave the board an update on an environmental site assessment at the old livestock sale barn on the south edge of Britton. The city bought that property earlier this year to be used for economic development.

Kimber said the assessment, done by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), revealed evidence of recognized environmental conditions (REC’s) on the property.

Operations at the livestock barn typically included the use of agricultural chemicals in dip tanks for treatment of livestock traded at auctions. The use of a dip tank and the presence of a bulk chemical storage/distribution area northeast of the site represent the REC’s.

The presence of REC’s requires a Phase II assessment to quantify any potential contamination present at the site and to assess the risk and liability associated with that potential contamination before the property is redeveloped.

Kimber said that grant money will cover all costs of the assessment. In addition, she said if any cleanup work is needed there may also be funding available to cover those costs. Expectations are that the Phase II assessment will be done on Dec. 18 with that report available in 30-60 days.

Kimber also informed the board that the Blessed Minds Learning Center had made a partial payment on the city’s $30,000 CD that had guaranteed loan funds for the nonprofit facility. She noted that just under $23,000 remains to be paid.

Other GLAD activities reviewed by Kimber included a new program being piloted by the state for multi-family housing, she reviewed GLAD’s revolving loan fund available for new or current business, and said that equipment had been purchased to help provide training for businesses. She noted that GLAD will also provide grant writing help and assist with business planning at no cost.

The board approved an inclement weather policy for employees. In order to be paid for storm days, employees will be required to make up time or take vacation or personal leave time. Previously there had been no policy in place.

Liquor licenses were approved for Ken’s Food Fair, Cliff’s 1-Stop, and Dollar General. The board also discussed a problem of late applications for special liquor licenses at the Event Center and approved a $150 charge the first time a special meeting needs to be called to approve a request, $300 the second time, and $600 for the third instance.

It costs the city about $600 to hold a special meeting. Those requesting a special event license must file that application prior to a regular city council meeting the second Monday of each month.

The council approved the annual NECGO agreement for $1,637.66 and also approved new employees Ryan and Kelly Nack at $15 an hour for Event Center maintenance.

Event Center Coordinator Laken Atkinson said that locations had been determined for security cameras and quotes will be obtained for the next meeting. The board also approved a yearly service contract with CDJ Electric of $1,950.

Fredrickson informed the board that the seats in the Event Center theater have now been installed. That part of the facility is now available for use. Some work still remains on the sound system and lights.

Councilman Brian Beck reported that there had been some issues with the new lighting at the rail crossing in town. He will contact the railroad.

Public Works Supervisor George Flanery said some work has been done on the pump house by J&J Earthworks, but that some work will not be completed until spring. He also said that city workers are continuing to remove ash trees from city boulevards when time and weather allows due to the threat of the emerald ash borer. Flanery noted that he counted 861 trees that need to be removed on city property.

The council will hold a special meeting on Monday, Dec. 30, to pay final bills and wrap up the year’s business.

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