City Takes Over Event Center

Reservations Being Taken

The Britton City Council held its regular meeting Monday at the new Event Center, which was a hot topic during its discussion.

Nick Fosness, a member of the unofficial Event Center planning committee, spoke to the council requesting that someone or several people be put in charge of promotion and scheduling for the building. The person/persons in that position would be responsible for promoting the space, deciding what events take place there, and deciding what the facility needs, along with answering any questions the public has.

City Finance Officer Marie Marlow told the board that she would be willing to take on part of that responsibility but felt she would need some part-time assistance. No action was taken by the board on the issue.

Board Appointed

Mayor Clyde Fredrickson proposed an Advisory Board to set guidelines for rental, fees, and policies concerning the center. That board met for the first time yesterday (Tuesday) to consider proposed guidelines put together by Marlow after visiting with other similar facilities around the state.

Members of that board include Rhonda Wade, Cristy Davidson, Kyla Richter, Bill and Betty Haywood, Bill Meyer, and city council members Bill Deutsch and Ward Satterlee.

The city also officially assumed control of the Event Center at a closing for the structure Tuesday morning. For a payment from the city of $150,000, along with $300,000 earlier donated from the Britton Economic Development (BED) fund, the city assumed ownership of the building valued at about $3.2 million.

Marlow said there has already been significant interest in renting out various rooms of the center. Already scheduled are a two-day meeting in November, the Full Circle Ag annual meeting in December, the SD Municipal League district meeting in March, a wedding and Relay for Life in June, and an area council training meeting next July. There has also been interest in regular room rental from a dance studio and exercise class.

Anyone interested in renting the facility is urged to call as soon as possible to reserve their date by calling Marlow at 605-448-5721.

Since there are already several events scheduled to take place in the Event Center, tables and chairs have been ordered. The board approved a motion to spend $19,187 for 416 chairs, 49 round tables, and 10 eightfoot tables, along with storage racks.

CDJ Electric, Plumbing & Heating of Britton submitted a proposal to maintain the heating and electrical equipment of the Event Center, requesting a year-long contract for $1,950, which was approved by the council. After this first year, the bid may be opened to other companies in the area, but CDJ, which installed the equipment, will maintain the facility for the first year.

Streets Hot Topic

Another topic receiving considerable discussion was Britton’s streets. Council members and Bob Babcock, representing the engineering firm of Helms & Associates of Aberdeen, expressed concerns about cleanup and safety issues regarding J&J Earthworks, the contractor doing the work on the city’s water project.

Babcock said the firm has been issued a checklist to be completed before snowfall. The original deadline for completion of the project was Nov. 3, of this year, but the council had issued an extension and plans to set a new deadline of July 1, 2019. City foreman Justin Phillips said about a month of work on the project remains on 9-11 blocks in the city.

The council did approve a $263,468.13 pay estimate for J&J Earthworks but retained $84,000 to insure adequate cleanup this fall.

The council also voted to approve a new storm sewer project to take place next summer. This project will implement a storm sewer system to assist water drainage after storms and is hoped to decrease standing water around town. The council received a $118,000 grant for this project and will receive an $845,000 loan to pay for the total cost of $963,000.

In other action the council approved a $62,000 loan guarantee through the BED Board. Just over $100,000 remains in that fund to help promote economic development in the city.

Two bids for propane were received (North Star Energy $1.17.9, Full Circle Ag $1.18.5) and the North Star Energy bid was approved. A pay request of $129,450.72 was also approved for Webster Scale for the airport project which is nearly complete. A clarification of a plat on Block 5 of the Johnson Addition was approved.

The board also listened to a citizen complaint regarding the water project from Jon Anderson. Anderson cited costs he had incurred to replace wheel bearings on his vehicle that he said had been caused by drop-off in the street in front of his residence and said he has been frustrated with the work being done. Babcock said that he would forward the claim to the contractor.

The council’s public library board representative Austin Sasker reported to the board that head librarian Peggy Satrang has submitted her resignation effective Dec. 31.

Phillips said that the maintenance crew is starting the moving process into the new shop recently purchased.

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