This is an architect’s drawing of the new Norstar Federal Credit Union building. Plans are to begin construction as soon as weather permits with a targeted completion date the end of this year.

Norstar Plans New Building

A long-held dream will soon become reality. The Norstar Federal Credit Union purchased land over 20 years ago with the idea of some day expanding or putting up a new

This photo is an example of what power poles in the area looked like following last week’s storm. Rain and high winds caused power outages around the area, snapping some poles and downing power lines.

Bill Jensen is dwarfed by this drift on the road a mile east of Rose Hill Church.

Cattle producers have faced more than the usual challenges this spring. Bruce Schultz snapped this photo of a cow tending to her calf in the snow.

Sarah Grupe took this photo of icicles hanging off one of her pine trees following the latest storm, stating, “Got to find beauty in the storm!!”

Kelly Heitmann took this photo of the backyard drift between her house and Heidi Eimers.

Jacki Medhaug took this photo of Jackson and his dog, Maui, climbing a snowdrift.

The “long winter” all started with the snow storm on Oct. 10 as documented in this photo by Karen Muth. Heavy wet snow caused significant tree damage in the area.

Ugly Week Of Weather

Despite an ugly week of winter weather, the Marshall County area dodged a bit of a weather bullet. With the forecast of rain, followed by snow, there were major concerns

Britton-Hecla second grade teacher Vonda Storley was named the school’s Teacher of the Year. Storley will wrap up her 30th year of teaching this spring.

Storley B-H Teacher Of Year

Compassionate, hard-working, kid-first attitude, team player, and toptier educator. That’s how Britton-Hecla Superintendent Steve Benson describes second grade teacher Vonda Storley, and for those reasons the 30-year educator has been


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