Water Keeps Rising

The Marshall County Commission held an emergency meeting on Tuesday due to concerns about flooding roads in the county.

Mike Atkinson, Clark Moeckly, and Ron Johnson of the Upper Crow Creek Drainage Board, and Ryan Hastings and Richard Hastings from Dayton Township attended the meeting to discuss flooded roads in Dayton Township.

County Road 4 (Hecla Road) now has water flowing over the roadway near Sunset Colony. County Highway Superintendent Dustin Hofland told commissioners via teleconference that he thought the county needs to open up the area where water should be flowing so that it stops backing up.

A dam was built on land owned by Ron Jarrett years ago and Hofland said that dam is holding back water, forcing it to back up and flow about 2 ½ miles to the east and then over County Road 4. Hofland proposed to take off the top part of the dam to allow the water to flow faster. Currently culverts handling the water flow are not at full capacity.

Hofland said he is hesitant to build up the road this time of year because it would be difficult to find a contractor. Even if the county did the work, Hofland noted that there is no guarantee that the road will firm up and not be too soft to drive on.

Upper Crow Creek officials said that they have plans for removing the dam on the Jarrett land and cleaning the section of Crow Creek ditch in the future. For immediate relief, the board also recommended removing part of the dam holding water in Section 22 of Dayton Township.

The County Commission gave its approval for Commissioner Kevin Jones will speak with John Fischer to request permission to access the ditch in that area to remove a portion of the dam. Hopes are to gain some holding capacity and pull some of the water away to alleviate flooding of County Road 4.

Commissioners will meet in regular session next Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Courthouse. Agenda items include zoning, highway, sheriff and E911 at 10:15 a.m., and bids for the surplus patrol car will be opened at 10:30 a.m.


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