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Two Vying For Pierpont Board

Pierpont voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to elect a member of the City Council.

Incumbent Audrey Johnson and challenger Angelia Baldwin are running for the three-year position.

Following are the responses to a questionnaire from the Britton Journal/Langford Bugle from the two candidates for the board position.

Background information.

Angelia Baldwin: Co-owner of Nemsi Books Publishing Company and Indie Film Producer, Associates Degree in Business Management and Accounting, Bachelor of Science Hon. Husband, Michael, and four children.

Audrey Johnson: Chairman of Pierpont Town Board, Bookkeeper/ Tax Preparer, and Farmer. Education in Accounting/Tax Preparation. Married to Mark Johnson with two grown children and two grandchildren.

What is your reason for running for the town board?

Baldwin: I am a believer in a true representative democracy and transparency in government. I believe the more involvement we have in our own communities, the more we invest in our people, the healthier our community becomes. I see a tremendous amount of potential in our community; however, what I do not see is a future if we continue down the path we are on. I believe as board members we have an obligation to every taxpayer, to treat them fairly, equally, truthfully and respectfully, no matter our differences.

Johnson: I have served the community of Pierpont since May of 2003 as a trustee and chairman. I care about our town and strive to continue to work on issues in Pierpont. We struggle with economic infrastructure issues such as gravel streets, water, sewer, and our lagoon. The rising costs of services are difficult to disperse in a small town so my goal is to keep costs at a minimum.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing Pierpont, and how do you think the city should deal with that challenge?

Baldwin: In my opinion, the current town board is our biggest problem. Executive decisions, cost overruns, hiring outsiders to do their jobs, and the so-called cost cutting measures have harmed our community over the last decade. The harassing nature of the board and its maintenance crew was shamefully on full display again last week, this must stop! The board members should surrender their exorbitant remuneration and use those funds to purchase the equipment this village so desperately needs.

Johnson: We are getting ready to start our sewer project that will cost the townspeople $585,000 over the next 40 years. We applied for grants for the $1.9 million sewer project and were awarded over $1.3 million. We have money set aside in our sewer fund so hopefully our project will go as projected or stay under budget to keep our surcharge as low as possible.

Aside from the biggest challenge facing Pierpont, what would be your next priority for the city and how how can it be used to the town’s advantage?

Baldwin: As demonstrated this weekend, it’s the compassionate residents that are the biggest asset to this town. It sent a clear message that the tyrants cannot succeed where benevolence dwells.

Johnson: Our biggest asset - the residents. We have educated, honest, hardworking people that are willing to help others, volunteer for events, and support fundraisers. We are also lucky to have an active volunteer Fire Department that responds when they are called on, takes classes for the betterment of our town, and helps to keep us safe.

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