Two Elections Set On Tuesday

Lake City Voting On Expanding Board

City elections will be held in Pierpont and Lake City on Tuesday.

Three candidates are running for one position on the Pierpont City Council. Candidates for the three-year spot include incumbent JaDee Dwight, Salina Pena, and Wayne Schmidt.

In Lake City a petition was filed requesting that the city board be expanded from three to five members. Lake City residents will vote yes to increase the board to five or no to keep it at three members.

One Lake City board position currently held by Adrian Heitmann was also up for election this spring, and Robert Braun was the only person to file for the three-year seat.

If the vote is in favor of increasing the board to five members an election to select all five board members with staggering terms would be held. The board could decide to have a special election or wait until the election in 2019.

Following are the responses to a questionnaire from the Britton Journal/Langford Bugle from the three candidates for the Pierpont board position.

Background information.

JaDee Dwight: I have a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from SDSU and work on the family farm near Langford. My wife, Amy, is a Registered Nurse. I have two children, Brooke age 9 and Bailey age 6.

Salina Pena: I am currently working as a reading tutor at Mike Miller Elementary in Aberdeen. I have my bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, grades K-8. By the end of the fall semester, I will have completed my Masters in Curriculum with Integrated STEM through Adams State University and the Endeavor Program through NASA Education. I am also pursuing a second degree in astrophysics. My husband’s name is Jared and we have two beautiful daughters.

Wayne Schmidt: Northern State University graduate with B.S. in education, business, and property management. Pierpont resident for 38 years.

What is your reason for running for the council?

Dwight: I’m running to make Pierpont a clean and respectable community for our residents of all ages.

Pena: I feel that voters should vote in my favor because I am a personable person to work with and see things with an open mind. I am willing to work with the board and my community to see things through and take responsibility even when things get tough. Someone with a fresh perspective would be beneficial.

Schmidt: End nepotism. Bring transparency to meetings and records. Allow time at each meeting for residents to speak. Put an end to selling surplus property at firesale prices as was done recently with real estate and heavy equipment when a public auction would have been better.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing Pierpont, and how do you think the city should deal with that challenge?

Dwight: I feel that Pierpont’s biggest challenge is maintaining our infrastructure. This has proven to be very challenging because we reside in a small community. As a current member of the town council we always evaluate the costs vs. the benefits. We do our best to make informed decisions that will have a positive impact on the entire community.

Pena: I feel that the door to open communication is something that could use some refinement. To do this, members must be open to listen and make note of any concerns or ideas. I would approach the issue by keeping an open mind and listening to others. It is important to work together.

Schmidt: Communication and cooperation between the council and residents. Stop spending thousands on studies and just do the job. Present snow removal is not good with select alleys and streets not maintained. Fly the American flag daily. Enforce ordinances.

Aside from the biggest challenge facing Pierpont, what would be your next priority for the city and how would you address it?

Dwight: In my opinion, Pierpont needs to update and enforce our city ordinances. The council has begun working on this project. If re-elected, I will work with the council and community to make all ordinances mandatory and current for all residents.

Pena: Code/regulation enforcement is important when it comes to keeping things in order. When we are on the topic of nuisance property issues, it is important to look into it. We do not always know what the contributing factors are in relation to property. If we can approach the issue in a more respectful, personable manner, the outcome will be better for all persons involved.

Schmidt: Do background checks on all employees and attorneys. President Trump likes, “you’re fired,” if job is not being done and is a good policy. Annual Abate Motorcycle Club has a no attitudes policy. Pierpont City Council needs the same.

What do you think is Pierpont’s biggest asset and how can it be used to the town’s advantage?

Dwight: Pierpont’s biggest asset is our willingness to progress. I have been on the Pierpont council for a total of nine years. In that time the board and I have built a new water facility, concession stand, basketball court, improved streets, installed new playground equipment and street signs, upgraded the baseball field, cleaned up dilapidated buildings and have planted new trees. These projects are a result of the many volunteers in our community. When I look around the town I am very proud of all that we have accomplished.

Pena: Information not available.

Schmidt: Residents. Encourage and promote new business and people to move and visit Pierpont. Could start by eliminating dangerous animals and stop burning private properties.

Despite the fact that April Fool’s Day has come and gone, Mother Nature continues to play a nasty prank on Marshall County residents by dumping five inches of snow and providing single digit temps when it is supposed to be spring. Unfortuantely, forecasts for the upcoming week show little improvement with more snow predicted for the weekend.

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