The Marshall County Sharpshooters will compete in the na- Crawford, Austin Crawford, Jayden Bender, Clay Crawford, tional BB gun tournament in Rogers, AR, beginning July 2. William Schuller, and Montana Marlow. Team members from left to right include Katee Freeman, Carly (Just Shoot Me by Tammy Photo)

Shooters Set For National Meet

Traveling To Rogers, AR

The Marshall County 4-H Sharpshooters are packing and preparing to leave for the Daisy National BB Gun Tournament in Rogers, AR, this week.

The team of Montana Marlow, William Schuller, Austin Crawford, Carly Crawford, Clay Crawford, Jayden Bender and Katee Freeman have been preparing for this journey for the past two months. The regular BB gun season ends at the end of April and team of seven continued with practices, meeting two times a week, along with shooting and studying at home. Through this dedication they have raised their team score about 60 points.

“This team is kind of like the “Underdog Team,” said Rose Kraft, statistician for the Sharpshooters. “No one was real sure we would take a team to nationals this year, but they shot the necessary scores, so the focus and practice began. I’m very impressed at how this group of kids has become a “team,” and when that happens the scores go up!”

Area residents can follow the Sharpshooters’ results at the national tournament online at beginning Monday, July 2. Competition begins at 8 a.m. and scores will begin to be posted by 8:15 a.m. On the second day the local squad shoots the second shift beginning about 1 p.m., so early scores that day will not reflect the Sharpshooters scores in the sitting and kneeling positions.

“It is pretty fun to follow the tournament online,” said Kraft. “If you know anything about the sport, you are figuring scores and how the kids need to do before they get to the line.”

The competition consists of four positions of prone, standing, sitting, and kneeling, along with a test score for a total of 500 points per competitor.

“The type of scores we would like to see in prone would be a 97 or above, standing a minimum of 90, sitting 97, and kneeling 95,” noted Kraft. “If the competitors can put together these types of scores they will be on the podium at the end. Marshall County’s strong point is standing. At this time they are averaging about a 92 in that position.

“This team shoots a strong consistent kneeling score,” added Kraft. “Surprisingly, the “easy” positions of prone and sitting are where we have the lower averages. It will come down to the test score and the ability to stay focused and shoot like we are at practice.”

Kraft explained that the tournament will be using decimal scoring.

“What we would call a ‘9’ they may score anywhere from a 9.0 to a 9.9. With that you will see scores of 103.8, which before could have been a 98,” said Kraft. “So a perfect target could be anything from a 100 to a 109. As a rule, when you see the scores you could subtract 3 – 5 points and that would put the number into where the score would have been scored without decimal scoring.”

Harlan Hilleson has been part of the coaching staff for the Sharpshooters for 36 years. Mike Kraft teaches the program and has been a leader for 19 years and Rose Kraft finishes off the team of coaches, keeping all of the scores and making arrangements for the team for the past 17 years. Rose also is filling a new role this year and will be on the line loading for one of the competitors.

“Add to this parents who help at every practice and load for their kids and other kids, and you get the Marshall County 4H Sharpshooters,” concluded Kraft. “We are excited for this adventure and hope to do Britton, Marshall County, and South Dakota proud.”

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