Openings On Area City Boards

A number of positions on area city board will come up for election this spring.

Petitions may be taken out for open positions beginning Friday, Jan. 27. Those petitions may be obtained at city offices and must be filed with City Hall by Friday, Feb. 24. Any elections needed will be held on Tuesday, April 11.

Britton is an exception in Marshall County. That election would not be held until June 6 with petitions available beginning March 1.

Board openings around the area include two seats on the Langford Board of Trustees. The three-year term of Orrie Jesz is up for election, along with the final year of a three-year term. That spot had been held by Shari Schock who resigned from the board.

Five spots will be open at Hecla. Mayor Jay Osterloh is up for election for a two-year term, along with board members Harry Sukut in Ward 1 (two years), Jim Wilson in Ward 2 (two years), Hal Tree by in Ward 3 (two years), and Cathy Tel in in Ward 3 (one year).

One position will be up for election in Eden. Mary Dunn’s three-year term expires this spring. In Lake City Debby Weidenbach’s three-year term expires this year, Nichole Bertsch’s three-year spot in Pierpont will be up for election, as will Al Merkel’s three-year position in Claremont.

Three positions are up for election in Veblen. Two-year spots on the board will be open in Ward 1, Ward 2, and Ward 3.

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