Nominations Open For Heart Of Dakota Awards

Nominations are now being taken for the 22nd annual Heart of Dakota Awards.

The awards, sponsored by The Britton Journal/Langford Bugle and the Britton Area Foundation, honor individuals, businesses, or groups/organizations from Marshall County and the surrounding area who contribute to their community or provide leadership. Categories for nominations are Agribusiness, Community Involvement, Customer Service, and People’s Choice.

The Agribusiness award is given to individuals or groups that are committed to stewardship as well as development and promotion of agriculture to enhance the community. Community Involvement recognition is given to individuals or organizations that exhibit exceptional leadership performance in support of the community.

Customer Service recognition goes to businesses or individuals who demonstrate exceptional performance in providing service, and the People’s Choice award is a special tribute to unsung individuals who have made a difference in the community through their caring efforts.

A full page ad appears in this week’s Britton Journal and Langford Bugle regarding the Heart of Dakota Awards. A nomination form is included with the criteria for each award. Nominators are asked to submit a nomination letter detailing activities and the reason for the nomination.

Area residents and organizations are encouraged to submit nominations for this year’s awards to The Britton Journal, PO Box 69, Britton, SD 57430. The nomination deadline is July 31.

Heart of Dakota winners will be honored at the annual Britton Area Chamber of Commerce Fall Social in September.

Following is a list of past Heart of Dakota winners:

1999: Cliff Olson – People’s Choice; Cindy Bremmon (Quarve Drug) – Customer Service; Thea Loy Pallansch – Customer Service; LaVonne Jacobson – Community Involvement

2000: Leonard Eikamp – People’s Choice; Sonia Wolf – Community Involvement; Sara Fisher – Customer Service; Judy Gulleson – Agribusiness

2001: Mary Freudenthal – People’s Choice; Curt Jones – Agribusiness; Jon Frohling – Agribusiness; Patty Roehr – Customer Service; Tom Farber – Community Involvement

2002: Russ Buisker – Agribusiness; MC Ambulance Service – Community Involvement; Eliza Jacobson – Community Involvement; Roger Furman (Lee & Hanson) – Customer Service; Marlene Sell – People’s Choice

2003: Carol Grobe – People’s Choice; Paula Jensen – Community Involvement; Randy Schilling – Customer Service; Lorne Tilberg – Agribusiness

2004: Joan Anderson – Community Involvement; Monty Liknes – Customer Service; Hugh Schilling – People’s Choice

2005: Carol Jones – Community Involvement; Ann Anderson, Mandy Carlson (Prairie Designs) – Customer Service; Roger Tom – People’s Choice; Arlie Bender Family – Agribusiness

2006: Marj Freudenthal – Community Involvement; Marcia Forrester – People’s Choice; Steve Dahlstrom – Agribusiness; The Schott Family (Buhls) – Customer Service

2007: Don Kirkegaard – Community Involvement; Terry Price – Customer Service; John Owen – People’s Choice

2008: Greg & Virgie Schaaf – Community Involvement; Mike Forrester – Agribusiness; Kenny & Dorothy Stillson – People’s Choice; Karen Mikkelson – Customer Service

2009: Ron Jarrett – Community Involvement; Jack Clarke (Ken’s Food Fair) – Customer Service; Mary Zuehlke – People’s Choice

2010: Scott Amundson – Community Involvement; LeRon Knebel – People’s Choice; Dr. Scott Purintun – Customer Service

2011: Norman Carlson – Community Involvement; Diane Hoines – People’s Choice; Britton Public Library Staff (Peggy Satrang, Rhonda Hardina, Bonnie Henricks, Holly Wismer) – Customer Service

2012: Karen DeVine – Community Involvement; Harlan Hilleson/Rose & Mike Kraft – People’s Choice; Vollie Ann Williams – People’s Choice; Stephanie Brandt/Wellness Center - Customer Service

2013: Mike and Mary Dunn – Community Involvement; Cleo Symens – People’s Choice; Carol Anderson – Customer Service; Owen Jones – Agribusiness

Agribusiness 2014: DeLores Henehan – Community Involvement; Pat Renner – People’s Choice; Keith Beck – Customer Service

Agribusiness 2014: DeLores Henehan – Community Involvement; Pat Renner – People’s Choice; Keith Beck – Customer Service

2015: Bryce & Marge Thoelke - Community Involvement; Lori Buntrock – People’s Choice; Harland Peterson – Customer Service; Upper Crow Creek Watershed District Board of Managers – Agri-Business

2016: Helen Eikamp - People’s Choice; Mark Nelson - Community Involvement; Coleen Monson and Becky Wegleitner - Customer Service

2017: Kari Feldhuas - Community Involvement; Wanda Franzen - People’s Choice; Marshall County Pantry Shelf – Customer Service; Former Britton Farmers Co-op and Wheat-Dumont Farmers Co-op Elevator Boards – Agribusiness

2018: Cindy Hofland, Glenn & Sande Lehr – Community Involvement; Kay Friebel – People’s Choice; Elaine Steen – Customer Service

2019: Lori Amerman, Sharon Tisher, Richard and Jill Johnson - Community Involvement; Virginia Anderson - People’s Choice; Jeani Amacher and Kelsi Heer, Customer Service

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