Local Woman Loves Flags

Corrine Zorn combined an empty lot on Britton’s Main Street with her sense of patriotism and came up with a tribute to veterans exhibited during the Memorial Day weekend.

A total of 450 flags were put into the ground in the lot just south of the Strand Theatre last week to commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Some of them formed a cross in the center of the lot with the others lined up on the perimeter.

Flags have always been a passion for the 1957 Kidder graduate, who moved back to Britton from Tennessee about four years ago. In fact, she was the “flag.”

“I worked as a cosmetologist for 30 years and we would have national conventions all over the country. It got so that the hotels would not provide a flag for us, so we fixed that ourselves. I had a great big flag pin that I would wear, and I would just go up on stage and be the flag.”

Zorn had seen flag displays in other parts of the country, and she decided she wanted to do something similar in Britton. She began looking for a location and was “very grateful” when Cindy Bremmon allowed her to use the vacant lot on Main Street. Then she put the word out that she was looking for donations to purchase the flags.

Several hundred people made donations in about a two-week period, and Zorn was able to purchase the flags through the VFW. Last week she spent hours hammering the flags into the hard ground to be ready for the Memorial Day weekend.

“You can never have enough flags. There’s blood on every one of them.”
----Corrine Zorn

“People are getting to be more patriotic, so I expected the response I got,” said Zorn. “But I was most pleasantly surprised. I would like to thank everybody for their response. It has just been fantastic.”

She has hopes of filling the whole lot up with flags in the future and is still accepting donations in honor or in memory of a veteran. Those donations should be made payable to VFW #3507 and mailed to Corrine Zorn, 1106 Ninth Street, Britton, SD 57430. Names of the recognized veterans will also be framed and put on the wall in the VFW.

For more information contact Zorn at Corrineazorn@yahoo.com or call 605-448-2970.

Zorn plans to erect the flags for other patriotic holidays and hopes to add some solar lights to the mix. But it’s the flags that mean so much.

“You can never have enough flags,” she concluded. “There’s blood on every one of them.”

“you Can Never Have Enough Flags. There’s Blood On Every One Of Them.”----corrine Zorn

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