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These four Langford Area graduates gave the Senior Honor Presentation on Saturday. From left to right are Clara Svatos, Jordan Schmieg, Madeline Reints, and Madisyn Nelson.

LA Seniors Get Diplomas

Fourteen Langford Area seniors received diplomas during commencement exercises held in the school gymnasium on Saturday.

Four seniors – Madisyn Nelson, Madeline Reints, Jordan Schmieg, and Clara Svatos – gave the Senior Honor Presentation entitled, “The Finale of Langford’s 2019 Graduates.”

Superintendent Monte Nipp presented scholarship awards and also addressed the Class of 2019. He recalled sitting at his own graduation 40 years ago – a little scared and unsure of what he was going to do.

“Forty years ago my Mom gave me some good advice,” said Nipp. “She said that happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a journey, and we need to own it each and every day. Life can be a little scary, but you are ready for the challenge,” he stressed to the graduates.

Secondary Principal Toni Brown recognized Madisyn Nelson, Madeline Reints, and Clara Svatos for graduating with high honor and Jordan Schmieg for graduating with honor. He also presented the Senior Class of 2019.

The Langford Area High School Choir sang, “A Million Dreams,” and the LA Band performed “Carry On Wayward Son.” Senior Class President Clara Svatos gave the welcome.

Scholarship winners presented on Saturday included Madisyn Nelson, Clarke Larson Scholarship ($500), Fossel Brothers ($500), Rebecca Holler ($300); Jordan Schmieg, Lloyd E. Dahley ($500); Madeline Reints, Isa Ostland ($200); Jonathon Harmon, Jessica Goebel ($250); Clara Svatos, Brittney Kelley Lone ($250); Judd Carroll, Roy Pulfrey ($1,000); Noah Allen, Molly Hanse, Madisyn Nelson, Addyson Taylor, Langford Evangelical ($500); Clara Svatos, Madeline Reints, Sayler Memorial ($500); Noah Allen, Jonathon Harmon, Zachary Holler, Trey Jensen, Addyson Taylor, Langford Vocational ($300); Madisyn Nelson, Madeline Reints, Tinta Lodge ($500); and Molly Hanse, Madeline Reints, Jordan Hanson ($1,000).

This year’s seniors selected a gold rose as their class flower, and class colors were maroon and white. The Senior Class Motto was, “There are many roads we have crossed, many hills we have climbed, and so many dreams we have yet to realize.”

Members of the graduating class include Noah Allen, Logan Block, Justus Carroll, Molly Hanse, Jonathon Harmon, Zachary Holler, Trey Jensen, Sceleena Kaebel, Madisyn Nelson, Madeline Reints, Jordan Schmieg, Clara Svatos, Addyson Taylor, and Samantha Wika.

Last Thursday was the final day of classes for seniors, but other students will not be dismissed until 1 p.m. Tuesday due to making up of days missed because of winter weather.

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