Melissa Hunt

Hunt Is Award Winner

Melissa Hunt of Wheatcrest Hills in Britton has been recognized as a Millie E. Olson Award winner.

The award was created by South Dakota Health Care

Association (SDHCA), a statewide not-for-profit association representing nursing centers and assisted living and senior living centers that provide long term care to the citizens of South Dakota.

Mildred E. Olson of Garretson was an exceptional caregiver. This award is open to staff of any SDHCA member center with each month’s recipient of the award becoming eligible for the Millie E. Olson Award of the Year.

Hunt is the Housekeeping and Laundry Manager at Wheatcrest Hills, but that’s hardly all. Like a lot of the most valuable long term care staff members, she is a leader who does a little of bit everything.

She came on board in 2014, and in 2016 elected to train as a CNA so she could jump in and help as needed. Hunt is also often found delivering trays or assisting a resident with eating. She is known for taking the initiative and stepping in to help whenever possible, even when the work required is outside of what is described in her job title.

“It’s not only what she does, but the way she does it,” said Wheatcrest Administrator LaVonne Furman. “Melissa is compassionate, caring, and has a positive attitude. It’s no wonder that her colleagues and the residents she serves have so much respect and appreciation for her.”

Hunt is considered the leader of the customer service team, always looking for fun and unique things for staff and residents to do. As one of her staff so aptly said, “She is awesome!”

The elderly and disabled residents of nursing centers depend on staff like Melissa who take the job to heart and make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.

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