The Block Party Quilters was organized about 23 years ago under the leadership of Pam Moeckly and meets once a month at the Methodist Church. In front left to right are Beverly Seibel, Darla Larson, and Shirley Symens. Back row Rhonda Buer, Bonnie Sigaty, Shari Menning, Vi Mikula, Vergie Wallace, Dorthy Jones, Deb Normandy, Pam Moeckly, Paulette Kelsey, and Kathy Buisker.

Group Spreads Warmth

About 20 quilting women multiplied by 23 years equals a whole bunch of warmth sent around the country and world.

The Block Party Quilters was organized about 23 years ago under the leadership of Pam Moeckly. Many of the group were newbies to actual quilting but were handy with a sewing machine and a needle and thread for hand stitching.

Over the course of these past years ladies have come and gone but the group has sustained an unofficial count of about 20 women. They meet once a month and most recently in the living area of the Methodist dining room, a cozy venue for the group.

“We bring our “Show and Tell” project or projects, depending on how and when they get done,” said members. “Each project is shown and explained what a particular quilt pattern is and how the fabrics are chosen and if it is hand quilted or machine quilted.”

In the last few years Moeckly has acquired a longarm quilting machine and finishes pieces for the group and also for others outside the area quilting circle. On some occasions at the monthly meeting attendees might learn a new technique and see a demonstration, or maybe everyone makes a special project.

The quilters have an annual summer all-day retreat at the Moeckly cabin and each Christmas a luncheon and gift exchange in someone’s home or at one of the local eateries.

Many amazing and beautiful creations have been stitched and shown over the 20-plus years. The quilters have made unique ornaments and decorated a tree for the Hospital Christmas Tree Project the past three years. Before Christmas the group met at cups. at noon for lunch and a gift exchange which was an apron sewn by the gift-giver and distributed with a game.

The next quilting get-together will be Jan. 31 with a mini-retreat at the United Methodist Church.

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