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Honor students gave the Senior Honor Presentation at Langford Area’s graduation ceremony held on Saturday. The event was delayed two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From left to right are Brooklin Kreger, Nico Alvarez, Ady Dwight, Ashley Gustafson, and Chesney Olson. (Kent Erickson Photo)

Fourteen LA Seniors Graduate

“Good things come to those who wait, and honoring all of you was worth waiting for,” said Langford Area Superintendent Monte Nipp to 14 seniors at commencement ceremonies on Saturday.

Seniors received their diplomas two months later than originally scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The original graduation date had been May 16 but was delayed with the hope of having a ceremony as close to “normal” as possible.

Senior Class President Ady Dwight welcomed attendees to the celebration and noted, “It was a long time in coming.” There were no limits placed on the number of attendees and the commencement ceremony followed tradition with the exception of no band and no chorus performances.

Honor students were recognized and gave the commencement address. Speakers included Dwight, Ashley Gustafson, Chesney Olson, Brooklin Kreger, and Nicolas Alvarez.

Other graduating seniors included Cody Blanchard, Jeremiah Hurst, Boston Marlow, Elizabeth Olson, Jacob Punt, Breanna Schock, Gabriel Smith, Bailey Widener, and Timothy Wika.

In addressing the graduating seniors, Nipp talked about the class’s motto – “We Finish To Begin.”

“The motto sums up perfectly what the educational journey is all about,” said Nipp. “We’re here to celebrate and wish you all well as you begin a new chapter of your life. Life isn’t always easy and unfair sometimes.

Unfortunately, over the past few months you have all experienced first-hand a taste of what life will throw at you. But when things get tough and challenges arise remember one thing – you are not alone. The best way to face life’s challenges is to surround ourselves with those important to us. People will help us through tough times, even if we have to be six feet apart.”

Nipp recognized three people who have played important roles in the Langford Area School District. David Planteen, who served 16 years on the board of education and 14 as board president is retiring. Lisa Olson is also retiring from the board after serving for 11 years.

High school principal, athletic director, and teacher Toni Nipp is retiring after 21 years with the LA district. Brown wore a lot of hats and also served as coach, testing coordinator, and career councilor. Nipp said a constant with Brown was his dedication and commitment to helping students achieve to their potential.

Nipp announced 23 scholarship winners. They included Jacob Punt: Roy Pulfrey Memorial and Rebecca Holler Scholarship; Ashley Gustafson: Ida Ostlund, Fossel Brothers, Jessica Goebel, Tinta Lodge, and Jordan Hanson Memorial Scholarships; Ady Dwight: Lloyd Dahley, Clark Larson, Langford Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Tinta Lodge Scholarships and Warren Nelson Athletic Excellence Award; Chesney Olson: Langford Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sayler Memorial, and Tinta Lodge Scholarships; Brooklin Kreger: Langford Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sayler Memorial, Brittney Kelly Loner, and Jordan Hanson Memorial Scholarships; Jeremiah Hurst, Langford Evangelical Lutheran Church and Langford Vocational Scholarships; Tim Wika: Langford Vocational Scholarship; and Gabe Smith, Langford Evangelical Lutheran Church Scholarship.

Graduating seniors also presented the traditional roses to parents prior to receiving diplomas and congratulations from Brown and Nipp.

The graduation ceremony can be viewed on the school’s web site. It will also be available for Venture Communications television customers at a later date using the “On Demand” menu.

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