Enrollments Hold Steady

Both Britton-Hecla and Langford Area School Districts bucked the trend of declining enrollment in rural schools with modest increases for the 2019-20 school year.

The first day of classes was Aug. 20 at Britton-Hecla and Aug. 21 at Langford Area.

Britton-Hecla had a twostudent increase, boosting its total enrollment in grades K-12 and Sunset and Westwood Colonies to 417. Langford Area held its own, gaining one student over last year with a total of 212 in grades K-12 and Newport Colony.

Britton-Hecla has 360 students attending in Britton with 182 in grades K-5, 87 students in Middle School (grades 6-8), and 91 in high school. There are 36 students at Sunset Colony and 21 at Westwood Colony for the 417 total.

A good sign for the B-H District is that there are more students in the first four grades than in high school, showing potential for growth. This year there are 119 students in grades K-3 and 91 in grades 9-12. An interesting note is that 61 of those 91 high school students are males, while girls outnumber the boys in the first four grades 64-55.

The smallest classes at Britton-Hecla are the sophomores with just 17 students and the seniors with 18. The largest classes are the second grade with 40 and sixth grade with 35.

Student numbers by class at Britton-Hecla include: kindergarten 24, first grade 23, second 40, third 32, fourth 33, fifth 30, sixth 35, seventh 28, eighth 24, ninth 33, 10th 17, 11th 23, and 12th 18.

There are 20 students in K-6 at Sunset Colony, five in junior high (grades 7-8), and 11 in grades 9-12. Westwood Colony had 18 elementary students and three in grades 7-8. Westwood does not have a high school.

“We had 15 students move out of the District and 16 new students enrolled for a gain of one student from where we ended last year,” said LA Superintendent Monte Nipp. “Unfortunately, too many of the students moving out were from two grades with the second and eighth grade losing the most students.”

The second grade has just eight students this year with nine students enrolled in eighth grade. Langford Area’s largest group is its 23-member junior class.

There are a total of 94 elementary students and 87 in junior and senior high for a 181 total at Langford. An additional 31 students of the 212 total attend school at Newport Colony. Sixteen students are enrolled in preschool and not included in the district total.

Langford Area is the opposite of Britton when it comes to comparing the first four grade numbers to high school totals. There are a total of 50 students in grades K-3 compared to 65 in high school.

A breakdown at Langford Area by class is as follows: kindergarten 15; first grade 13, second eight, third 14, fourth 16, fifth 14, sixth 14, seventh 13, eighth nine, ninth 16, 10th 12, 11th 23, and 12th 87.

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