Courthouse Talk

The Marshall County Commission continued discussion of plans on how to update the current Courthouse at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

Commissioners indicated earlier this year that it will probably put a bond issue on the June primary ballot for the renovation.

County Auditor Megan Biel said that the board did not take any action on the updating project Tuesday but talked to HKG Architects of Aberdeen about some cost-cutting measures to a $10.6 million plan. The jail and county offices would be housed in a new building.

HKG had originally presented an $11.6 million plan but presented a revised $10.6 million plan to the commission in July. The difference in price came primarily from reduced jail capacity.

In other action the board approved several variances regarding lot sizes for Pamela Sue Bull Regan for lots at Four Mile Lake and also approved a plat for those lots. A plat was also approved for B & P Tisher in Weston Township.

Sheriff Dale Elsen and Jason DeVine met with the board to inform commissioners that there would be some extra costs involved in updating the computer system in the dispatcher’s office.

Highway Superintendent Dustin Hofland told the board that his crew is working on roads and he is looking into purchasing a tractor that could be used for both snowblowing and mowing.

Fuel quotes for #1 diesel for the Veblen and Eden shops were approved from Eden Oil. A bid from Karole Chapin of $100 for the surplus 500-gallon propane tank was accepted. Approval was also given for purchase of a 24-inch snowblower from Meyer Hardware for use at the Ambulance Garage.

Commissioners approved the purchase of a chest compression machine for the third ambulance and declared an ambulance surplus. The county accepted delivery of a new ambulance this month. Bids will be opened on Jan. 21 for the surplus ambulance with a minimum bid of $2,000.

Register of Deeds Kalissa Stelzer was approved to purchase more plat sleaves. The resignation of Gina Honer as Deputy Treasurer was accepted effective Jan. 24. Dispatcher Chrius Cease will receive a 50-cent raise upon six months of service effective Dec. 22. The board approved a $600 welfare claim for Marx Rentals for housing assistance.

An executive session was held for 49 minutes for legal matters. Upon resuming regular session no action was taken. The next meeting of the board will be Dec. 31 when a supplemental budget hearing will be held and final bills paid.

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