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Danforth “I Dare You” winners honored at the Marshall County 4-H Recognition Event held on Sunday at the Community Building from left to right are Regan Ringkob, Cassidy Biel, and Jacob Punt.

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Megan and Ryan Biel were honored as this year’s Friend of 4-H at the annual Marshall County 4-H Recognition Event held on Sunday.

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Julie Symens, left, of the 4-H Leaders is pictured with this year’s 4-H Alumni Award winners Tammy and Jason Bender at the annual 4-H Recognition Event on Sunday.

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Honorees at the 4-H Recognition Event from left to right are Jacob Punt, 4-H Graduate; Taylor Storbakken, Lorne Tilberg Award; and Maddie Biel, Bee Lady’s Choice Award.

County 4-H’ers Recognized

COVID-19 concerns didn’t allow the public to attend the annual Marshall County 4-H Recognition Event on Sunday, but local 4-H’ers were still recognized for their work during the past year.

Immediate family was able to attend the event held at the Marshall County Community Building. After the awards portion of the afternoon, the Marshall County 4-H Leaders treated those in attendance to cheese sticks from Riverview Dairy and ice cream sandwiches.

Special award winners included Friend of 4-H Award, Ryan and Megan Biel; Danforth “I Dare You” Leadership Awards, Jacob Punt, Regan Ringkob, and Cassidy Biel; 4-H Graduation Award, Jacob Punt; 4-H Alumni Award, Tammy and Jason Bender; and the Bee Lady’s Choice Award, Maddie Biel.

Earning the Accumulative medals were Maggie Kilker and Erika Symens, Personal Development; Owen Symens and Erika Symens, Agriculture; Carter Effling, Achievement; and Erika Symens and Regan Ringkob, Consumer and Family Science.

Acknowledged for State Level accomplishments was Regan Ringkob, Champion Chianina Heifer.

Youth in Action Awards for participation in youth in action activities on the county and state level went to Carter Effling, Emily Effling, Taylor Storbakken, Heather Storbakken, Regan Ringkob, Treyton Biel, Maddie Biel, Cassidy Biel, Ruthie Moeckly, Kaylee Biel, Hunter Biel, Oliver Moeckly, Owen Symens, Jayden Bender, Erika Symens, Emmett Symens, Baylee Bender, Riley Jones, Kaylee Carlson, Lily Mundt, and Jasmine Biel as a Cloverbud.

Fashion Revue awards were presented to Ruthie Moeckly, Katee Freeman, Gabby Hawkinson, Kaylee Biel, Emily Effling, Baylee Bender, Hunter Biel, Jayden Bender, Regan Ringkob, and Jasmine Biel.

Special Foods awards were given to Emily Effling, Treyton Biel, Maddie Biel and Cassidy Biel. Taylor Storbakken, Heather Storbakken, and Oliver Moeckly received the Lake Region Electric Public Presentation award.

4-H Club Leaders were recognized for their years of service including Julie Symens – 33-year leader of Barn Buddies and Horse Key Leader; JaNann Jones – 18- year leader of Prairie Pasques; Kari Feldhaus – 10-year leader of Hillbillie Hustler; Judy Guy – 20-year leader of Hills & Valley; Kimberly Guy – 6- year leader of Hills & Valley; and Jameson Guy – 6-year leader of Hills & Valley.

Achievement Day Project Awards

Beef Education – 1st Jr. Baylee Bender, 1st Sr. Cassidy Biel; Citizenship – 1st Jr. Jayden Bender, 1st Sr. Erika Symens, 2nd Sr. Maggie Kilker; Clothing – 1st Jr. Hunter Biel, 2nd Jr. Jayden Bender; Companion Animal Education – 1st Jr. Emily Effling; Entomology & Bees – 1st Jr. Kaylee Biel; First Aid/Health/Safety – 1st Jr. Kaylee Biel; Fitness and Sports- 1st Emmett Symens

Food and Nutrition – 1st Jr- Kaylee Biel, 2nd Jr- Kaylee Carlson, 1st Sr.- Regan Ringkob; Hobbies and Collections – 1st Jr. Emmett Symens, 2nd Jr.- Kaylee Carlson, 1st Sr.- Maggie Kilker, 2nd Sr. – Taylor Storbakken; Home Environment – 1st Jr. Brynlee Patterson, 2nd Jr.- Hunter Biel, 1st Sr.- Taylor Storbakken, 2nd Sr.- Maggie Kilker; Horticulture- 1st Jr- Ruthie Moeckly

Leadership – 1st Sr. Carter Effling; Photography and Video – 1st Jr. Jayden Bender, 2nd Jr.- Emily Effling, 1st Sr.- Cassidy Biel, 2nd Sr.- Katee Freeman; Poultry Education & Eggs – 1st Jr. Maddie Biel, 1st Sr.- Cassidy Biel, 2nd Sr.- Riley Jones; Robotics – 1st Sr Jacob Punt; Sheep & Wool Education – 1st Sr. Carter Effling

Soil & Soil Conservation – 1st Jr. Erika Symens; Swine Education – 1st Jr. Hunter Biel

Visual Arts – 1st Jr. Hunter Biel, 1st Sr.- Jacob Punt; Welding Science – 1st Jr. Hunter Biel, 1st Sr.- Riley Jones; Wood Science – 1st Jr. Oliver Moeckly, 2nd Jr.- Ruth Moeckly; Writing & Public Speaking – 1st Jr. Erika Symens

4-H Cloverbuds Display Exhibits Recognition was given to Jasmine Biel, Luzetta Moeckly and Colton Biel.

Achievement Day Livestock Awards

Baylee Bender – Grand Champion Breeding Swine, Bg Beef Showmanship, Bg Swine Showmanship; Jayden Bender- Jr. Beef Showmanship, Grand Champion Swine, Jr. Swine Showmanship; Hunter Biel – Grand Champion Breeding Sheep, Jr. Sheep Showmanship, Reserve Champion Dairy Goat, Jr, Dairy Goat Showmanship; Kaylee Biel – Reserve Champion Breeding Sheep, Grand Champion Dairy Goat, Bg. Sheep Showmanship, Bg. Dairy Showmanship

Cassidy Biel- Sr. Poultry Showmanship, Grand Champion Companion Animal; Maddie Biel- Reserve Champion Poultry; Kaylee Carlson- Grand Champion Rabbit, Bg. Rabbit Showmanship; Lily Mundt- Grand Champion Horst/ Mervin Ogren Award, Bg. Western Showmanship; Ruthie Moeckly- Grand Champion Poultry, Bg. Poultry Showmanship; Brynlee Patterson – Jr. Poultry Showmanship, Reserve Champion Companion Animal; Regan Ringkob – Grand Champion Market Beef, Grand Champion Breeding Beef, Reserve Champion Breeding Beef, Sr. Beef Showmanship, Reserve Champion Market Swine, Sr. Swine Showmanship; Owen Symens – Reserve Champion Market Beef

Buck Calf Project awards went to Cassidy Biel, Maddie Biel, Treyton Biel, Baylee Bender, Brynlee Patterson, Bridger Patterson, Hunter Jensen, Josie Jensen, Kaylee Biel, Hunter Biel.

Pee Wee Livestock Showmanship recognition was given to – Jasmine Biel, Elise Biel, Luzetta Moeckly, Colton Biel, Riley Jensen, Skyler Bender, Rhyker Bender.

Each club handed out to their club members Participation Certificates for years of membership, Project Medals earned, 4-H First Year Pin to 1st year members, and large 4-H Chenille Clover to 2nd year members. Achievement Days premium monies earned were also given out.

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