Bugle Will Merge With Journal

The Langford Bugle and the Britton Journal will merge and become the Marshall County Journal effective July 1.

The two newspapers are owned and published by Doug Card, and the merger will provide one official newspaper for Marshall County.

“We feel that the merger of the two papers will be a positive for our readers and our coverage area,” said Card. “By combining the two publications we feel we can offer a better and stronger product for our county communities and region.”

Subscriptions to The Bugle will automatically become subscriptions to the Marshall County Journal. When renewals are due readers will be notified and will be able to renew them at the regular Journal rate.

Ṫhe Marshall County Journal name is not new. Since an e-edition was made available several years ago that online version of the Journal has been known as the Marshall County Journal.

The name actually dates way back to 1897 when S.C. Woodruff bought the predecessor of the Journal, then called the South Dakota Daylight, and changed its name to the Marshall County Journal.

H.B. Tysell purchased the paper in 1902 and consolidated the Journal with the Marshall County Sentinal in 1937. He changed the name of the paper to The Britton Journal in 1942.

Tysell continued as publisher until 1950 when Charles Card took over ownership of the paper. Card, along with Dale Holdridge, bought the Bugle from Quentin Miles in 1960 and Card bought out Holdridge in 1981. Card continued to operate the Journal and Bugle until selling to his son, Doug, in 1997.

Both papers have served Marshall County and the region for well over a century. The Britton Journal began as the Giles City Chieftain in 1883, while R.G. Bester arrived from Groton and started the first newspaper in Langford in 1886, the same year the town was founded.

Bester sold the paper a few years later to T.W. Brondgest, but when he became ill he called Lin Miles, who was an apprentice in the Daylight print shop. After Brondgests’s death, Miles acquired the business and on Jan. 14, 1897, published the paper under the name, “The Bugle.”

Miles ran the paper until he retired in 1945 and his son, Quentin, better known as Kenny, bought his father’s business and continued to publish the Bugle until selling to Card and Holdridge in 1960. Holdridge took over as editor until he retired in 1981, and then former Britton teacher Eugene Morton took the editor’s position. Doug Card has served as editor and publisher for the past 23 years.

“The two papers have a long and proud history of serving Marshall County and the Langford and Britton communities,” concluded Card. “We hope to continue adding to that history for many more years to come as The Marshall County Journal.”

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