Board Okays Five-Year Plan


The Marshall County Commission approved The Highway Department’s Five-Year Plan at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

Highway Superintendent Dustin Hofland went over the plan with the board and noted that the plan can change as needs change, but that it is needed in order to apply for grants. The entire plan can be seen in the Auditor’s Office or the Highway Department Office during regular business hours.

David Nelson told commissioners that he would like to see the bridge on township road 421st Avenue north of Langford added to the fiveyear plan as the bridge has been closed for a while.

In other action the board authorized the chairman to sign the SD Department of Transportation Joint Powers Force Account Agreement for emergency relief sites due to flooding from snow melt this spring. Most of the damage was washed out culverts. Those sites included 05G, $9,225; 12A, $11,410; 16AW, $13,472.10; 01AN – BIA, $18,209.75; and 08G, $146,000.

Hofland reported that the highway department has been working on blading, mowing, and patching as weather allows. He is waiting for an estimate for repairing roads damaged by silage hauling near Veblen.

Dirk and Becky Weber were present at the meeting to request a 16-foot variance from the normal 50-foot high water mark setback and a three-foot variance from the normal seven-foot property line setback. A letter of objection from Gary Neuharth was read, followed by an explanation of the need for the variance because of the location of the water and sewer. A followup email from Neuharth stated that he did not object since the variance was necessary for water and sewer, and the variance request was approved.

An approach permit was approved for David Seibel. Building permits were approved for Dirk Weber, David Nelson, Curtis Foster, Angela Aldentaler, Eric Roubal, Terry and Bonnie Cleberg, and Michael Odenbach.

Sheriff Dale Elsen and E911 Director Deb Skonberg met with the board to discuss a solution to IT issues in the county offices. Jason DeVine would be available for $30/ hour to handle IT work and serve as a consultant. DeVine will meet with Auditor Megan Biel to discuss the current computer setup in the offices.

Elsen asked the board to approve a confinement fee waiver for an out-of-county prisoner who would like to serve time in Marshall County. The board voted to waive the $65/ day out-of-county confinement fee and charge the prisoner the $`5/day work release fee, along with the $25/day incounty confinement fee.

The board set dates for future meetings. Dates will be Nov. 5 and 19, and Dec. 3 and 17.

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